Sex - Till Death Do Us Part

Sex - Till Death Do Us Part

Whether you've been together a single year or heading into your 35th year together, sex is a massive part of your relationship. We're constantly bombarded with the "ideals" of how your sexual relationship should be, but the truth is it's always changing and different for everyone!


So lets get to it... How can marriage change your sex life, for better or for worse??


For worse (it’s always best to end on a high)...

Effort • Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and being married to him also! But I honestly don’t feel like having sex all day everyday. When he does I’m not always in the mood and when I do he may not be (although honestly it’s rarely this way round). The weeks are busy and we both are tired and overworked. Sometimes your sex life can take a back seat.

Routine • it’s so easy to fall into a routine of W O R K - E A T - S L E E P - R E P E A T. We know the sex positions that we like best, the days of the week we prefer and even the toys we like to use. But being married doesn’t mean we can’t mix it up, we’re just used to what we’re used to! (Hence LoveDrop was created)


For better (and it is SO much better)...

Love • having sex with that one person you love more than anything and anyone in the world is just bliss. Not even going to apologise for the soppiness of this because you all know it’s true! You trust and respect each other which is so key to a healthy relationship, sexual and non-sexual!

Honesty • since being married we’ve learnt the hard way that communication is essential. But at least we’re now able to say “hey babe, you know I don’t actually like it when you do that thing” Or “just to the left a bit”. At the same time, honesty gives you a chance to not always focus on the physical and say when you want to spend quality time in other ways without feeling shot down!

Time • getting married is a clear commitment of “I wanna be with you forever” so you’ve got time! Time to try something you might not like and then tweak it next time or try that other thing LoveDrop suggested. Just don’t waste it guys, keep on loving and being playful with each other!


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