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+ Is there a contract?

Absolute No Contract. Subscriptions are Month-to-Month. 

Cancel Anytime.

+ How much is shipping?

Each box has a $8.50 flat rate for US Subscribers and $35 for all International Shipments. It’s not “built in” to the price of the box because we want to maximize the items you receive in each package, by not use some of that cost to cover shipping. 

If you are buying something from the Store your shipping cost will be calculated at the checkout.

+ When will my Account be Charged?

When you subscribe with LoveDrop you will be charged on that day. Then after first charge you account will be charged every two month on the 5th of the Month as a recurring order.

+ When will my package arrive?

All monthly boxes and mailers ship at the same time – on or around the 15th of the month – and it should take just a few days for your discreet package to arrive on your doorstep!

Subscriptions processed Before the Last Day of the month will receive our current box. After this date your first box will ship on the 10th day of the following month. New Box Dates: 12/10/18, 02/10/19, 04/10/19, 06/10/19, 08/10/19, 10/10/19, 12/10/19. 

+ Can I change my Address?

Log into your account here and edit your address details. This will be updated in time for your next LoveDrop delivery.

+ Can I give this as a gift?

Yes! You can add a subscription to your cart and check “This is a gift” at checkout.  You can leave a gift message which we’ll deliver with the box. Be sure that you correctly enter your billing address but THEIR shipping address.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that this subscription box isn’t for everyone. And that’s okay! If you are not completely satisfied with LoveDrop, you can cancel your membership and discontinue your monthly payments at any time. 


+ Can I work with LoveDrop?

We would love to hear from you if you would like to feature in our blogs or even in our boxes. Please send an email to: admin@love-drop.com