A Love Drop Creative Writing  to Inspire. By  Christina Doxstader

A Love Drop Creative Writing to Inspire. By Christina Doxstader

He walked in after a long day at work. His tie off and top button undone as he looked down to see a copy of Cosmo’s Kinky Sex Games on the kitchen counter. He picked it up and started to leaf through it when he heard the sultry voice of his partner calling him from the living room. He put down the cards and walked into the living to find her standing there in a black dress, a collar in her hand as she ordered him onto his knees.

He did as he was told as she ordered him to crawl toward her. She slowly slid the dress off as he approached, nothing underneath but a set of nipple clamps dangling from her pert nipples. When he made it to her she asked if he had a rough day and he nodded his head yes as she careful secured the collar and leashed onto him. She told him that she was going to make it all better as she walked around him, holding the leash as she sat on the sofa beside them.

She spread her legs wide and pulled on her toy’s leash, pulling his mouth toward her longing pussy and told him to eat her out. He immediately complies, his tongue licking her lips as his fingers penetrated her folds. She began to moan and writhe and for added pleasure she pulled out a Lelo lipstick vibrator, placing on her now throbbing clit. Her hands running along his head and neck pulling on the collar into her.

She catches her breath and reaches for a harness from the box wraps it around him. “I want to you use your cock baby” she says with a smile she continues she drops to her knees. Taking his hard cock inside her mouth. Sliding her lips up and down, tracing the bulging veins with her tongue. It doesn’t take long and he can’t with hold any longer as he grabs her hand from the harness and spins her around.

Putting her in the other half of the harness as slide his member into her from behind. Moaning and screaming ensued as the two lovers faced the mirror, looking at themselves in sexual embrace. As she pulls the leash closer he tightens his grip on the harness in order to push inside her even deeper. Their eyes would meet as she pulls him in for a kiss. Moaning and screaming in delight until he came inside her, letting out one final ejaculation as they collapsed on the rug.


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