First of all, we want to say thank you for joining us on our journey to discover the best couples sex toys and date night delights.

We’re working tirelessly to capture what it means to have an exciting sex life coupled with great intimacy, and wrap this up into one special package just for you.

At LoveDrop we know that healthy relationships require time, effort and investment. Planning a date night and making time for each other can be a challenge with the business of life; making time for exciting sex is another challenge still! Bringing that spice to the bedroom isn’t always as simple as it should be, so we’ve decided to give a helping hand.

We’ll be hand-picking the most exciting adult toys, gifts, sexy games and activities for you and your partner to explore together.

Whether you’ve never seen a sex toy before, or you’ve got a growing collection under the bed – we’re sure you’ll discover something new in every LoveDrop.

Make it your agreement with each other that you promise to try whatever arrives…


 Love Drop - our story Love Drop
 Love Drop - our story Love Drop