12 Dates of Christmas

12 Dates of Christmas

We’re at that time of year.

The most incredibly, horrendously, ridiculously busy time of the year. As if life isn’t busy enough? The mental, physical and emotional drain of buying presents for your loved ones is enough to warrant a holiday in itself.

How can you fit in time to enjoy the festive season with your partner?

Hoping that we’re not totally alone in the stresses - we’ve put together 12 date ideas for you and your partner to try over the Christmas period to ensure you make some amazing memories during this special, albeit busy, time of year.

Some of these require a bit of planning, whilst others are small and simple - we want to make sure you can squeeze 12 dates in!

You may do some in your routine anyway, but putting an emphasis on the idea that this is quality time with your loved one breaks the mundane and creates something special

  1. Put up your Christmas Tree together - this one may seem obvious, but making an event out of something that is so beautifully traditional can sometimes be forgotten if you’ve been together for a long time and you can’t even remember how many Christmas’ you’ve spent together. Warm up some mulled wine/ hot chocolate and play those Christmas tunes. If you have kids, take time watching their excitement and enjoy that precious time as family. 
  1. Christmas lights tour - go to your local town and walk around, taking in the lights and festivities that only come out once a year. Take the opportunity to pile on the PDA while its dark - people can only see silhouettes! If your town is quiet then maybe make it more of an adventure and head further-a-field.
  1. Volunteer together – tis’ the season for selflessness and giving. Nothing beats doing something good for someone else in need, that warm fuzzy feeling of giving is unbeatable. Try helping out at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or nursing home. Giving up a few hours of your time could make a world of difference to so many at this time of year, and it’s a great way to learn teamwork skills with your partner.
  1. Underwear gift exchange - both go out and find each other new underwear that looks and feels amazing. Round things off by giving each other a little show in your new garments!
  1. Coffee shop dates – Christmas is the best time to explore new coffee shops! Try the exotic guest roasts and seasonal flavours that make this time of year special. Coffee shops are perfect for intimate conversations that are sometimes tricky to have in a busy home.
  1. Have a ‘no technology’ day – this might sound like torture, but don’t you just hate looking at your partner while they’re engrossed in a glaring screen? Ok, now I sound like my mum, but it really can be quite anti-social! Let’s make an effort to put our phones away and give some loving attention to those in the room with us. You never know what may happen being hands-free…
  1. Plan a date night surprise – big or small, surprises are enjoyable because we feel appreciated when someone else takes time to plan something for us. Think of something fun and roll with it!
  1. Go on a frosty winters day walk – wrap up super warm and take a beautiful winter stroll, aiming for a pub that serves mulled wine at the end, of course!
  1. Cook something new – share an experience and make a tasty winters dinner together. If the new recipe goes wrong, you’ve always got Dominoes (and a funny story to tell).
  1. Plan a weekend away for 2018 – maybe it’s just because I love to organise that I think this can be considered a date, but planning something to look forward to in the new year will really bring you together. Create excitement in dreaming big or small, depending on your budget. Planning ahead also gives you a goal and motivation to save up.
  1. Meet each other on your lunch break – for most of us, time with our partner is constricted to evenings and weekends. Seeing each other in the middle of the day while on a work lunch hour is a great way to mix things up. If work isn’t close then take second best and sit alone while on the phone or Face Time together for your e-lunch date.
  1. Photos, photos, photos! – take pictures of all your dates and compile a Christmas 2017 album!

Hopefully this gives you some simple activities to explore together this Christmas.

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