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The TRUTH on how long guys last in bed?

The TRUTH on how long guys last in bed?

Stamina. This has got to be one of the BIGGEST lies we grow up believing.

When Leonidas (Gerard Butler) has his final night with the queen in the opening scenes of 300, it is possibly one of the most intense sex scenes you'll ever witness. Cutting between various positions with all the intensity of an Olympic 100m final, us men can't help but think 'is that what she expects?'

Well, maybe she does, but probably not every time. Realistically, your weekly sex is going to be more in tune with Will McKenzie from The Inbetweeners. Short, practical and if you're lucky you'll both get to finish

So maybe these are the two ends of the spectrum. Realistically, anyone in a long-term relationship knows those two-hourlights onacrobatic sessions just aren't practical or possible on a daily basis. And now we need to face the truth...

According to studies, on average, a guy lasts just 5 minutes in bed before climax. That's all we've got. You could basically do it in the ad-break for Bake Off. That's the kinda time we're talking.

So why do we think we need to pump away for hours on end to be a real man? We're fighting our biology. If we keep it going longer, great. But remember, 5 minutes is the average; so for every time it lasts longer than 5 minutes, there's going to be another time we come-in under 5 minutes (pun intended). 

We need to accept Gerard Butler in 300 is not the reality, but that's ok. The truth is that sex is more than just penetrative sex or even the orgasmic ending; it's an experience from the first glance over dinner, to falling asleep next to each other. 

So here's one that us guys often forget about: foreplay.

That little gem. We're our own worst enemy really. We try and jump in the minute we're at half-mast then wonder why it's all over in minutes?

If we gave a bit of time to the build up, chances are she's going to enjoy the main event a whole lot more and you give yourself a fighting chance of finishing together. As earlier discussed, we can't always have those Gerard Butler moments, but we can invest a little more in the build up to even the odds. 

If you've never tried a sex toy, or you've assumed bringing in a vibrating friend will offend your lady, then you're missing a trick. Finding a good toy is like finding a wing man that's never going to steal your girl. A good vibrator can help spice up foreplay or give her that extra boost during penetration. 

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